Acknowledging culture and history – a view of St Patricks from the expat world.

Guiness en 568 ml.

Being half Irish and the mum of an Irish born son I can't say we don't celebrate but we don't do it to Dublin standards!!! T went to school today in his Ireland rugby shirt and his teacher was disappointed that I hadn't dressed up….well if my mum doesn't send me shamrock what am I too do!

Funnily I was considering that I "celebrate" or mark this date more now I live abroad and have a child then when I was a child or young single woman. Why is that – now I want my son to know about his heritage and being abroad makes heritage more important than when you live there with it? Now I get why my mother and grandmother send shamrock and St Patrick's day cards – to keep the cultural heritage that family members share no matter where they are in the world.

So enjoy your St Patrick's Day the way you celebrate and honour it.


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