Further installment in Supporting Yourself and Your Expat Child

Positivity in language
Reflect on how you’ve spoken to your child(ren) in the day. Have you given them positive or negative messages? To be more positive – describe what you want than what you don’t want, try not to make threats, unfavourable comparisons. Look the language you are using – be positive where possible for instance. I like that you wanted to do x, however, it would be better to have mummy’s help next time.

Reinforcement of their being successful
Catch your child being successful! Notice and praise it. If its something they can repeat ask them to show you again. Remember success is not just academic; it’s in small everyday actions!
Coach Mum: Remind them of when they've done it well before

Positive light
See your child through positive light/ window. When they say I’m no good at this. Remind them how they’ve improved since they started and how much better they will be. Remind them of what they are good at and look for skills that they could transfer to help them achieve the task they find difficult. Help them to consider saying, “what will it be like when I can do this” rather than I can’t do this. A good way to maintain your own positive light – consider the importance of the issue with a question “will this matter in 10 minutes/ 10 days/ 10 years from now?”

Love to hear if you try these techniques, how they work for you!